This year LAM Action celebrates 25 years of supporting people with LAM and raising funds for research. In that time the charity has raised over £1.5 million and funded a full-time researcher along with PhD students and clinical trials. For our 25 Challenge, we ask that you, your families and your friends take part in an activity of your choice based around the number 25 and fundraise or donate to support LAM Action. The 25 Challenge is open to all ages and the ideas and options are endless! Whether you run for 25 miles or just walk 25 times round your garden, juggle for 25 minutes or play the piano for 2.5 hours, bake 25 cupcakes or sit in icy water for 25 seconds – your support for LAM Action will be invaluable. To fundraise for LAM Action, please click here or donate directly here. Please send news and pictures of your 25 Challenge events to