Write for LAMPost

LAMPost is our newsletter full of articles for women with LAM and their families. It is published three times a year.

They say there is a novel inside everyone. Most of the articles for LAMPost are written by women with LAM or members of LAM Action’s Executive Committee and cover a wide variety of topics, such as medical breakthroughs, fundraising efforts and living with LAM. It’s always good to publish articles from new authors so if there’s something you would like to share with the wider LAM community, why not try writing an article? Articles can be sent in any Windows based word processor format and can be short or reasonably long. Email is preferred, a CD is fine or we can scan any typed letter. As a last resort we can take hand-written articles, but please remember that someone will have to do the typing, so if it’s handwritten, not too many pages please! Please make sure what you send is legible!

If a lot of articles are received, items may be held over from one edition to another. But don’t let that stop you from sending articles to the editors – it’s much better to have too much to choose from than too little!

Please see below for the publishing schedule.

Edition Deadline for submitting articles
Spring – March 1 Feb
Summer – July 1 June (except for articles about annual meeting)
Autumn – November 1 October


See LAMPost Editors details for postal and email addresses.