Last year the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) published the Organ Utilisation Group’s (OUG) February 2023 report ‘Honouring the gift of donation: utilising organs for transplant’.

The report included 12 recommendations for improving organ utilisation. One of the recommendations focused specifically on reviewing cardiothoracic (CT) transplant services, to ensure these services are sustainable, resilient and able to provide the best possible outcomes for patients.

DHSC is working with NHS England and NHS Blood and Transplant to deliver on this recommendation throughout the course of 2024.

The first stage of this work is to hear directly from CT patients, their families and carers, to understand their experiences of the CT transplant service.

These views are critical to informing the delivery of this recommendation and future improvements to the CT transplant service.

An online survey has been developed to capture views and responses are welcomed from people at all stages of the CT transplant care pathway.

Responses are welcomed from people at all stages of the transplant care pathway – whether being considered for transplantation, on the waiting list for a transplant or have received one or more transplants. The survey is primarily aimed at heart and lung transplant patients, families and carers in England, but comments from people in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are welcomed.

The deadline for responses is 14th April 2024.

To access the survey please click HERE