Are you planning a fundraising event?

If so we’d love to hear from you! We are always extremely grateful for whatever fundraising our supporters undertake on our behalf, though sometimes we don’t know about it or only find out after the event – which means we can’t always support you as much as we would like.

Letting us know your plans up front will ensure we can support you by:

  • Putting you in touch with our PR advisers, who will work with you to put your story in the local press and ensure wider coverage of your event.
  • If you are doing a sponsored run, cycle or some other sporting event we can provide you with your own vest complete with your name and LAM Action logo – so you’ll look good even when drenched in sweat!
  • Making sure any legal requirements are adhered to. For raffles, we are licensed with Nottingham Council for Small Society lotteries but in order to comply with Gambling Commission rules most raffle tickets will need to be specially printed within the legal guidelines. We can support you with printing and designing tickets and making sure everything is above board.
  • Designing posters, flyers, banners to promote your event.
  • Advertising your event on our website and facebook pages / twitter.
  • We can supply you with LAM Action branded collection tins and buckets if you are planning a supermarket collection or bucket shake event.

Last but not least, we want to be able to thank you properly for your time and effort in supporting us!

So if you are planning a fundraising event in the future, please get in touch with Jill Pateman and let her know all about it and how we can help you – thank you!